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Smile of Angkor Grand Epic Show  

Smile of<a target= Angkor Grand Epic Show" width="200" height="165" />It was said that there are 54 towers with 216 faces of Avalokitesvara in Bayon Temple, but only one of them is smiling. this smiling face freezes the thousand of year’s history and brilliance of Cambodia. Nowadays, the Grand Epic Performance – Smile of Angkor revives this glorious history and brings you back to the lost dynasty on stage. “Smile of Angkor†is produced by Siem Reap (Cambodia) Performance & Arts Co., Ltd that is the largest entertainment companies in Southeast Asia and is supported by Cambodia and Chinese Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. 40$ per Ticket (walk in price 48$ per ticket)

Apsara Theater Show

Apsara Show - Apsara theatre showStep back in time at the only air conditioned theatre in town. Dancers, singers and musicians will bring ancient Khmer culture to life in spectacular surroundings while you enjoy the very best in Cambodian cuisine. Our souvenir booklet will help guide you through every delicate hand gesture and the story behind each dance.

Years of practice and daily exercise to stretch and flex the body are needed to learn the complicated repertoire of movements and gestures that make Apsara dance a language all of its own.

Today traditional Khmer music still plays an important part at ceremonies and celebrations both in the countryside and the cities. A traditional orchestra called a ‘Pinpeat’ can number as many as twenty musicians, with strong emphasis placed on percussion instruments.

Ticket: $ 25 + 2 ways transferfrom hotel to theatre & and back to hotel

Angkor National Museum

Angkor National MuseumAngkor National Museum project has been initiated from the granted contract to “Build, Cooperate and Transfer (BCT)†between the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, APSARA Authority (MCFA & APSARA) on behalf of the Royal Government of Cambodia and The Museum Co., Ltd. on its 30 year concession period.

Angkor National Museum is a profound cultural landmark in Siem Reap placing in the area of 20,000 Sq.m. which combined together The Museum: The world-class museum that reveals the legend of Golden Era of Khmer Kingdom, and The Museum Mall: The lifestyle landmark providing completed facilities and recreation services for both tourists and local community.

Angkor National Museum- The Legend Revealed During the Golden Era of Khmer Kingdom, one of the ancient civilizations of this world was being created. It is the origin of Khmer art, culture, and architecture.

10$ per ticket

+ Free one way transfer to Angkor National Museum

Cambodian Cultural Village

Cambodian Cultural VillageCambodian Cultural Village, the only Cultural Village in the country is “Cambodia in miniature†located in the historical province of Siem Reap. It was constructed to provide tourists, both local and foreign a glance of the country‘s famous and historical milestone as well as a showcase of the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Khmer people. Inside the extensive village are the representations of Cambodia’s 11 Villages 10$ per ticket

+ Free Transfer + local Tour Guide (4 persons up)

Tonle Sap Boat Trips

Tonle Sap Lake also known as the fresh water lake or 'Great Lake' of Cambodia, it shapes like musical instrument 'Violin' and its bottom like pan. Tonle Sap Lake located in the center the countries and surrounded by 5 provinces,

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Cambodia Limousine Bus

Recently roads in Cambodia are completely restored; you will probably travel into and within Cambodia easily. The best way and cheap now is Public Limousine Bus services. There are several Limousine Bus Companies which are best for choosing your traveling within Cambodia. Mekong Express Limousine Bus is the first choice with their qualified service and Japanese made Bus for their quality. Within Cambodia and to Vietnam, tickets are sold at town center of Phnom Penh Siem Reap Sihanoukville and Ho Chi Minh City. Other bus companies are competing for their good service as well such as Paramount, Kampuchea Angkor Express, Ponleu Angkor Khmer Transport Company, Apsara Khmer, Neak Krorhorm, Capitol, Mailin... You will can book or buy bus tickets from any agencies in town center or buy from us by calling to 855 12 63 06 34 or email: Our staffs will reply and welcome you with great smile. We offer service of transfer in and out to bus station free depends on your accommodation. Click here to book

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Cambodia Helicopter Tours

Helistar Cambodia is the leading helicopter transport provider in the Kingdom of Cambodia. We have flown thousands of satisfied passengers on various types of missions, including Charter and Scenic Flights, Mineral Exploration and Mining Support, VIP and Hotel Transfers, Medevac and Ambulance Flights, Aerial Filming and Photography, Agricultural Concession Surveys and Support.

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